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Are you interested in scheduling an informative and entertaining program for your organization, museum or educational institution?

All of the programs listed below are presented by Roger Lee Hall, a Massachusetts music preservationist and composer who is now Director of the Center for American Music Preservation (CAMP), focusing on preserving American music from the past. He has worked as both a musicologist and ethnomusicologist.

For his extensive accomplishments, he has been listed in several prestigious directories: Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World.

He has spent over four decades working to preserve music from earlier America and has presented many music lectures and workshops which have received raves from many audiences.

A few responses to his programs:

"Your lecture was enthusiastically received and I have heard nothing but very positive comments from registrants."
-- Dr. Robert Bishop, Director, Museum of American Folk Art,
New York City.

"Thank you very much for such a delightful and informative lecture."
-- Mary Frazier, Braintree Historical Society
, Braintree, Massachusetts.



Selected Conferences, Lectures and Workshops
Presented by Roger Lee Hall

1973: "Songs and Dances of the Shakers" (first music lectures)
Case Western Reserve University, Clevealnd
and Shaker Historical Society, Shaker Heights, Ohio.

1974: "Celestial Praises" - Shaker Bicentennial Conference,
Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio

1974: "Oliver C. Hampton: Ohio Shaker Hymnodist" --
American Musicological Society, Midwestern Chapter,
Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

1975: "Shaker Hymnody" --
National Meeting of Hymn Society of America, Wittenberg University, Ohio.

1976: "Issachar Bates: Shaker Fifer and Tunesmith"
American Musicological Society
, Washington, D.C.

1976: LP album release, Plymouth Church Quartet,
Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio

1979: "Isaac N. Youngs: The Ingenuity of a Shaker Craftsman" --
Conference, Museum of American Folk Art, New York, New York.

1980: "Old Stoughton in Old Boston" --
Paper at
"Musick in Old Boston" Festival for Jubilee 350 Celebration,
Old West Church, Boston, Massachusetts.

1981: "The Humble Heart: A Pageant of Shaker Verse and Song" --
Elmira College Shaker Seminar, Groton, Massachusetts.

1982: "Singing Utopias: Communal Music in Early America,"
Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, Massachusetts.

1982 (Workshop) - "Symbols and Symmetry - Music, Art and Architecture of the Shakers" -- Heritage Series at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village, Sabbathday Lake, Maine.

1983 (Workshop) - "Early American Music" -- Kodaly Center,
Newton, Massachusetts.

1983: "The Handel of Maine - The Musical Life of Supply Belcher" --
Maine Humanities Council, Westbrook College, Portland, Maine.

1984: "Charles T. Griffes - A Centennial Tribute" --
New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Massachusetts.

1984: "Musical Iconography in Shaker Gift Drawings" -- Museum of American Folk Art Symposium (Religious Folk Art in America), New York, New York.

1986: "Beautiful Dreamer - The Life and Music of Stephen Foster" --
Brookline Woman's Club, Brookline, Massachusetts.

1986: "Two Centuries of Choral Music in New England"-- Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, Massachusetts.

1987: Shaker Music Workshop -- Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village,
New Gloucester, Maine. Also presented in 1988 and 1989.

1990: "Singing Stoughton - The Story of America' Oldest Choral Society--
Braintree Historical Society, Braintree, Massachusetts.

1991: "The Genius of George Gershwin" -- Brookline Adult & Community Education Program, Brookline, Massachusetts.

2000: (Workshop) - "Tis Washington's Health -
Music of George Washington's World
" -- Old Fort Western, Augusta, Maine.

2003 (Workshop) - "The Sidewalks of New York: Old Songs and Stories " -- Conkling Hall, Rensselaerville, New York

2003: "Bing and Bob in Hollywood: A Centennial Tribute to Bing Crosby and Bob Hope" -- Newton Free Library, Newton Centre, Massachusetts

2004: "Hooray for Hollywood": Memorable Movie Music
(including the Sammy Film Music Awards) --
Bridgewater Public Library and Newton Free Library, Massachusetts.

2004: "Ode to Contentment: Travels of a Shaker Missionary and Tunesmith" -- Communal Studies Conference, Hancock Shaker Village, Massachusetts.

2005: "A Centennial Celebration of Harold Arlen, Dorothy Fields, Jule Styne" -- Newton Free Library, Newton Centre, Massachusetts.

2005: "The Lore and Legends of New England Songs" --
Bridgewater Public Library, Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

2008: "Remembering Radio" -- Franklin Public Library,
Franklin, Massachusetts.

2009: "Lincoln and Liberty: Music of Abraham Lincoln's Era"--
Stoughton Public Library, Stoughton, Massachusetts.


2009: "Runnin' Wild: Molasses and Music Merriment" -- Stoughton Reads Together series, Stoughton Public Library.

2009: "Gentle Words" - Shaker Music in the 20th Century --
Scott Swank Lecture Series, Canterbury Shaker Village,
Canterbury, New Hampshire.

2010: Patriotic Songs in Early Canton -- Canton Historical Society, Canton, Massachusetts.

2010: Christmas Sings From The Past--
Randolph Historical Society, Randolph, Massachusetts.

2011: E.A. Jones: Stoughton's Past Music Man and
release of the new DVD, "How Beautiful Upon The Mountains"
Stoughton Historical Society, Stoughton, Massachusetts.

2012: "The Humble Heart" - Music of the Harvard Shakers --
Harvard Historical Society, Harvard, Massachusetts

2013: "Lincoln and Liberty" - Music of the Civil War Era --
NCCHP, Granville, Massachusetts

2013: "Break Forth Into Singing" - Evolution of an Enfield Shaker Anthem
Spring Forum, Enfield Shaker Museum, Enfield, New Hampshire

2013: "Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals --
Concord Community Music School, Concord, New Hampshire (CD release)

2013: "High Hopes - A Centennial Celebration of Songs
by Sammy Cahn" --

Newton Free Library, Newton, Massachusetts (CD release)

2015: "My Shaker Home" - The last Shaker song and the pure mountain air
Communal Studies Association Annual Conference, Pleasant Hill,

2017: "Going Home" - Songs of Survival
Burlington Public Library, Burlington, Massachusetts

2017: "Give Good Gifts" - The Simplicity of Shaker Music
Canterbury Shaker Village, Canterbury, New Hampshire




A Sample Lecture...


Would you like to schedule an entertaining lecture
for your historical society, museum, college, or other institution,
by music preservationist, Roger Lee Hall , about
the importance of music reflecting the issues of the Civil War era?

The lecture is titled:

"Glory, Hallelujah! Civil War Songs and Hymns

Write for more details and fees to:

Civil War music lecture

A multi-media DVD is available at this link:

"Glory, Hallelujah" - Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era


About Lectures and Workshops

The lectures and workshops listed below are available for

a general audience (senior groups, college or museum lecture series, historical society meetings, churches, library programs)

a specific audience (church or community choirs, music schools or colleges, workshop for specialists in music or related arts).

They are presented by Roger Lee Hall.

Music sheets, if needed, will be provided by the lecturer and copies can be made by the sponsoring organization.  

Supplemental materials, such as CDs and music books, will be available for sale on the day of the event.

The titles listed below have links to other pages which have additional information about each topic.

[L] = Lecture (from 45 minutes to 90 minutes)

[W] = Workshop (from several hours to a full day)


L= Lecture
W = Wokshop

Each title has a CD or DVD available for purchase

1. Music of George Washington's Time [L or W] - During the early years of America there were more songs being sung than might be expected, and a number of them were written in tribute to George Washington, as Commander-in-Chief of the Colonial Army and later as first U.S. President. The workshop deals with this era in more detail with more attention to the songs in the historical context of 18th century America.
CD: "A Toast" - Music of George Washington's Time

2. Lincoln and Liberty [L or W] - The lecture features stories about songs and hymns from Abraham Lincoln's lifetime, especially during the Civil War. The workshop has more detail about selective songs, and a few of the popular ones will be sung with those attending.
DVD: Lincoln and Liberty: Music of Abraham Lincoln's Era

3. Singing Stoughton - The Story of America's Oldest Choral Society [L or W] - slides or video - A survey at the Stoughton Musical Society from its beginnings in 1786 to its bicentennial observance in 1986. Among the highlights are the concerts at the Centennial Celebration of 1886 and World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The workshop will discuss and learn some of the music from the musical society's history.
DVD:  "Dedication" - Singing in Stoughton, 1762-1987



(Radio, Television, Movies)

L= Lecture
W = Wokshop

Each title has a CD or DVD available for purchase

4. Hooray for Hollywood - Memorable Movie Music [L or W] - With audio and video examples, the lecture will look at selected movie songs and themes from the 1930s to the 1960s. The workshop will highlight major films by watching clips of film songs and scores.  
: "As Time Goes By" - A Guide to Film Music

5. "Following The Stars" - Hoppy, Gene and Me [L] - "Here he comes, Hopalong Cassidy!" - millions of young fans heard those words at the opening of the popular TV show, the first popular western show on TV in the early 1950s.
A nostalgic look back at the career on radio, television and in the movies for two major cowboy stars: Gene Autry and Hopalong Cassidy (played by William Boyd). The lecture will demonstrate how these stars provided a wholesome example for both children and adults, and highlight selected songs from their films, such as "Back in the Saddle" and "Following the Stars"and the stories behind them.
: "Back in the Saddle Again" - Cowboy Songs Corral Round-Up

6.Remembering Old-Time Radio [L or W] - a nostalgic look back at music featured on various radio broadcasts from the 1920s to 1950s. The workshop will include a re-creation of a typical old-time radio program with songs by songwriters like Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, and Cole Porter. 
CD: "In The Mood" - Remembering Radio: Great Songwriters and Singers


L= Lecture
W = Wokshop

Each title has a DVD available for purchase

7. Preserving Our Musical Past [L or W] - an examination of selected American music from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, in need of preservation or re-discovery . The workshop includes analysis and performance of a few selected short works.
DVD: Preserving Our Musical Past (POMP)

8. "Goin' Home" - Songs of Survival [L or W] - a look at the rich history of songs in the century from the Civil War to the Cold War that contributed to the survival of American culture through good and bad times. Special attention paid to the song, "Goin' Home" and its evolution. The workshop includes more historical background, recorded examples and a sing-along of selected songs.
DVD: Preserving Earlier American Music: Research and Recordings

9.  Lore and Legends of New England Songs [L] - features a sampling of familiar tunes with different texts from England and New England, and also legends of selected songs, including patriotic, religious, seafaring, Christmas carols, Native American, and Shaker spirituals.
DVD: "Millennial Praise" - Singing New Englanders:
From The Pilgrims to The Shakers

(Songwriters and Singers)

L= Lecture
W = Wokshop

Each title has a CD-ROM or DVD available for purchase

10.  Beautiful Dreamer: The Life and Music of Stephen Foster [L] - the life of America's first great songwriter, featuring a slide show and rare recordings of his songs and hymns.
DVD: Glory, Hallelujah: Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era

11. Electric Elvis: The Emergence of a Superstar [L] - so much is known about Elvis Presley in his later years, but what about his beginnings? This lecture will focus on the emergence of Elvis between 1954 and 1960, and will trace his days from a rockabilly singer to an "electric" performer in concerts, records, radio, TV and movies.
CD-ROM: "Shake, Rattle and Roll" - Electric Elvis and Bill Randle

12. The Genius of George Gershwin [L or W] - an audio-visual tour of George Gershwin's life and music, featuring his Broadway, Hollywood and concert works.  Workshop includes a video showing about Gershwin's life and rare recordings performed by Gershwin himself. Also a sing-along of Gershwin songs.
: "I Got Rhythm" - A Guide to George Gershwin

(Music, Folk Art, Architecture)

L= Lecture
W = Wokshop

Each title has a CD and DVD available for purchase

13. Singing Utopias: Communal Music in Early America [L or W] - a discussion of 19th century communal societies and their art, achitecture and music. Included will be music examples in a PowerPoint presentation. The workshop will include more discussion and some singing of American communal hymns.
CD: "Blended Together" - Interviews with the Shakers
DVD: "The Best Choice" - A Sampling of American Communal Hymns

14.  "Give Good Gifts" - The Simple Gifts of Shaker Music [L or W] - a PowerPoint survey of Shaker music, from its early years in the 18th century to its development in America during the 19th and 20th centuries. Special focus will be on the best known Shaker song, "Simple Gifts (aka: Tis the gift to be simple)," featuring arrangements by Aaron Copland, Judy Collins and Roger Lee Hall. The workshop will focus on discussing and singing individual Shaker songs such as "Gentle Words" and "Simple Gifts."
CD: "Gentle Words" - A Shaker Music Sampler
DVD: "Give Good Gifts" - Shaker music in the 20th century

15.  Symbols and Symmetry: Shaker Music, Art and Architecture [L or W] - PowerPoint presentation comparing the symetrical patterns in Shaker spirituals, gift drawings, and building designs.  The workshop includes a more in-depth with a discussion of relationships between Shaker music, folk art, and architecture with pictorial images and music examples.  
CD: "Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals
DVD: "Simple Gifts" - Great American Folk Song

To discuss fees and scheduling
for any of the above lectures or workshops,
write to

Roger Lee Hall




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