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This is one of the largest online sites with information about vocal music from New England's past.

The New England Music Archive (or NEMA) provides information online about research and recordings of music
composed and performed in New England during the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Since the earliest music in the United State of America was primarily vocal, that is the focus of the New England Music Archive.
Instrumental music is also included but on a more limited basis.

There are two main collections available: New England Music Series and New England Song Series. The titles are listed below.

All the items listed below were researched and written by musicologist, Roger Lee Hall, Director of the New England Music Archive and
also Director of the American Music Recordings Archive (AMRA).

Read more at these links:

Benjamin Franklin and his Glass Armonica

Patrick Gilmore and the Boston Peace Jubilees

New England Music in Concerts

New England Composers Series

New England Composers Born Before 1900

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Attention - Musicians, Researchers, Teachers and Students!

If you are involved with collecting research on New England music for a publication, a class, or a recording, it is recommended that you consider purchasing an item from the New England Music Series or Song Series.

You are encouraged to submit your work for free posting on this site of a short research paper or a music review -- with no footnotes but with a list of sources consulted.

If your proposal is approved by the NEMA Director your item will be available online for up to one year from the date it is posted and announcements will be made on appropriate online sites. With your paper or review please include a short biographical description of your past work.

Send your request for work you would like to be considered for publication to:

NEMA proposal






Benjamin Franklin and his Glass Armonica


























The Boston Peace Jubilee Concerts
(1869, 1872, 1889)

















Both these music festivals were held in Boston. They were organized by bandleader,
Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore [shown in picture]. The 1869 festival was organized
to commemorate the end of the Civil War, and U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant attended the opening ceremonies.

At the 1872 festival, one of the special invited guests was Johann Strauss Jr.
(The Waltz King) from Vienna.

There were thousands of musicians in the orchestra and chorus who participated
in these two "monster" music festivals.

Twenty years after the first Peace Jubilee there was a third event but it was much smaller in size.

Read more about all three events at

The Boston Peace Jubilees







New England Composers Series

No. 1: William Billings

No. 2: Supply Belcher

No. 3: Edwin Arthur Jones

No. 4: George Whitefield Chadwick




New England Composers Born Before 1900

See the list of New England composers























New England Music in Concerts

"Musick in Old Boston" Concert


"A Dedication Concert"









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