A Fifty Year Music Remembrance!

"The dark night is ending":
Song for Survival

by Roger Lee Hall

The dark night is ending,
And dawn has begun
All speech flow to music,
All hearts beat as one!


This multimedia computer DVD
contains an extensive amount of material
covering the author's prolific fifty years of music writing,
from 1964 to 2014.

Included on the DVD are a book about his songs for survival,
a memoir of his early songwriting years,
and his remembrance of living as a young military academy cadet
in a magnificent dream castle (the second largest residence in the USA)
built on Long Island's North Shore by
wealthy New York businessman, Otto H. Khan during World War I.

Also there are bonus features:

Audio: Two music albums with 40 titles.

Video:Four cable television programs about film music.


The title song of the DVD was written
as an anti-war plea for survival.
For the words to this song -- click here

It was written and edited
by respected music preservationist and composer
Roger Lee Hall

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"The dark night is ending" -
Songs for Survival

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DVD Title Song

"The dark night is ending"

Sound over all waters,
Reach out from all lands,
The chorus of voices,
The clasping of hands;
Rise, hope of the ages,
Arise like the sun,
All speech flow to music,
All hearts beat as one.

Sing bridal of nations!
With chorals of love,
Sing out the war-vulture,
And sing of the dove,

Sing a song of that great joy,
Angels recall,
Sing of glory unto God
And good-will to all!

Blow, bugles of battle,
The marches of peace;
East, west, north, and south let
the long quarrel cease;
The dark night is ending,
And dawn has begun
All speech flow to music,
All hearts beat as one!

--anti-war poem by John Greenleaf Whittier
edited by Roger Lee Hall

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© PineTree Productions, 2014

"The dark night is ending"

Both instrumental and vocal versions
of this song are included on the CD,

A Sampler of Songs and Instrumentals
(AMRC 0024)



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