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"As Time Goes By" -
A Guide to Film Music: Songs and Scores
by Roger L. Hall








Praise for the book from distinguished film composers!

"Thank you for your kind letter and the copy of your film music book.  
Congratulations and best wishes for success
in your future contributions to the film music literature.

Yours truly,
John Williams

"I do feel your book is done in a most interesting way.  It affords a quick overview of what has not become a very, very broad field.  Congratulations!"
Elmer Bernstein, late film composer and conductor

"Your film music guide should be available to anyone interested in the Golden Age and beyond."
John Morgan, film composer/score restorer

Praise from a longtime film music fan:

"Your book is a masterpiece. I found something new on almost every page!" -- Howard L



The expanded 7th edition

Twenty years ago, film music critic Roger Hall decided to write a guide to help those who admire or study film music. It was meant to be a way to study film music from the past and provide the historical context of its importance in our society.

Now it has been published in a new 7th edition with more audio and video material than ever before!

Previous editions of this popular guide (1997, 2002, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2015) are no longer available except on other multimedia publications, such as Music Masters: Fifteen Film Composers.

"As Time Goes By" - A Guide To Film Music by Roger L. Hall is now available in a revised edition on a DVD which is ideal for classroom teaching, film researchers and writers, or home viewing on a computer by film buffs.

This latest edition includes over 350 files including the complete book, plus CD reviews, book and DVD reviews, and film composer tributes from one of the longest-running web e-zines, Film Music Review, with contributions by Managing Editor, Roger Hall, plus two reviewers: Seven A. Kennedy and Steve Vertlieb.

In 1988, Roger Hall began selecting his choices for the best film music of the year for his Sammy Film Music Awards, now the longest-running awards for film music recordings.

Unlike some film books that focus on a few decades, this one
includes over 85 years of film music.


The title page from the book (shown above) has a page of music from the end credits of E.T.: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, boldly signed by film composer, John Williams.

Other autograph illustrations in the book include:
Bernard Herrmann, Alex North, Miklos Rozsa,  Max Steiner, Dimitri Tiomkin.

There are also songwriter autographs by George Gershwin, Jay Livingston, and James Van Heusen, also by lyricists: Sammy Cahn and Ira Gershwin.

The Dedication page has signed photos by two favorites of the author: Henry Mancini, and lyricist, Johnny Mercer.

Here are the contents of the book:

  • Prologue: Music Memories at the Movies
  • I. Chronology: Film Songs and Scores
  • II. Main Title and Themes: Listening to Film Music

    How is the song or theme used?
    Songs: "Lullaby of Broadway"/"It Might As Well be Spring"/
    "The Man That Got Away"


    When is the song or theme employed?
    Songs: "They Can't Take That Away From Me"/
    "As Time Goes By"/ "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing"


    Where is the song or theme heard?
    Songs: "Forty-Second Street"/"On the Atchison, Topeka and
    the Santa Fe"/"High Noon" (Do Not Forsake Me)"


  • III. Film Scores and Songs from Five Decades
  • IV. 100 Essential Film Scores of the 20th Century
  • V. Comments on Film Music
    -- Interviews with Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson
    -- The Composer as Commentator: Bernard Herrmann,
    David Raksin, Dimitri Tiomkin
    -- The Composer as Critic: Elmer Bernstein
    -- The Film Lyricist and Songwriter: Sammy Cahn and Henry Mancini
    -- The Movie Critic and Historian: David Thomson and Tony Thomas
  • VI. Film Music Awards
    -- The Academy Awards
    -- The Sammy Awards
  • VII. Bibliography: Where to Find Information
  • VIII. Discography: Recommended recordings on LP and CD
  • IX. Film Composer and Songwriter Autographs
  • X. Video Production: Bellamy's Musical Telephone
  • End Credits: About the Author

Also on the DVD:

At the end of the film music guide is a chapter showing how music can be used in a short film or play. Roger Hall describes his short play, "The Musical Telephone." This play was based on a chapter in Edward Bellamy's famous 19th century Utopian novel, Looking Backward. The novel was extremely popular in its time and has remained an important book in American literature. One of the things predicted was a "musical telephone," where listeners could hear music 24/7, similar to today's Internet radio. The music used in this play is described and several music examples are included.

This story would make an interesting film since it has both fantasy and socio-political elements, with criticism of excessive greed and lack of concern for the poor.

His complete short play, "The Musical Telephone," with some of his original music, is now available separately on a DVD -- click here.

Anyone interested in developing this play for a possible film should write to discuss it with the playwright -- click here

Bonus audio and video files for the 7th edition!

Radio programs
(mp3 and .ra):

"Film Music on Radio" -

"Listener's Guide
to Film Music"

"Oscar Meets Sammy -
Film Music Awards" -


Over 50 selections of film score themes and songs played on radio with film music critic, Roger Hall as guest. Also included is a conversation with lyricist, Sammy Cahn [shown in picture], that the Sammy Film Music Awards are named after.


Video programs (.mpg):


"Preview" -cable television interview with Roger Hall about film music, especially the music of John Williams.

"Memorable Movie Music" -
cable television program with guest, Roger Hall, speaking about his program on music in the movies, both scores and songs, with movie clips featuring Glenn Miller and His Orchestra and a key scene from VERTIGO with music by Bernard Herrmann.


About the author:

Roger Hall, is a respected film music historian and critic. In 1998 he began Film Music Review, which is now one of the longest-running film music e-zines. He has taught film music courses in college and adult education programs as well as lecturing widely on the subject. He has been a frequent guest on radio and on cable television and is a member of the International Film Music Critics Association. He is also an ASCAP composer.








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