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"I Got Rhythm" - Music by George Gershwin

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"Music is a phenomenon that to me has a very marked effect on the emotions. It has the power of moving people to all the various moods. Through the emotions, it can have a cleansing effect on the mind, a disturbing effect, a drowsy effect, an exciting effective like to think of music as an emotional science."

--George Gershwin, 1933


For many years Roger Hall, Director of the Center for American Music Preservation (CAMP), and also a film music critic, has been studying the music of George Gershwin. He has taught college level classes on Gershwin's music and has also presented many lectures about his music. See his popular lecture, "The Genius of Gershwin" -- click here.

The Guide was originally published in 1998 for the centennial of Gershwin's birth and reprinted with additions in a second edition in 2004. Now it is available exclusively here and included on a CD-ROM which has information about Gershwin's music, mainly in movies and on radio.

Among the features are a Top 40 list of Gershwin songs and an extensive list of recommended Gershwin recordings and books about Gershwin.

Accompanying the Guide is a music album from two radio programs with Roger Hall as guest and program host playing recordings of Gershwin's music:

George Gershwin Birthday Tribute, 26 September 1989
"CONVERSATIONS" hosted by Marion Wroble

Roger Hall, Guest

A George Gershwin Gala, 23 September 1993
Roger Hall, Program Host

An added bonus at no extra charge!

Gershwin At The Piano -
featuring the composer brilliantly playing six of his popular songs from rare recordings:

"I Was So Young And You Were So Beautiful" (1919)
"So Am I" (1925)
"Someone To Watch Over Me" (1926)
"Sweet and Low Down" (1926)
"'SWonderful" and "Funny Face" (1928)

Note: The music on this CD is for non-commercial, educational use only and no copyright infringement is intended or implied.



"I Got Rhythm" - Music by George Gershwin (PTM 1036)

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Watch George Gershwin play his favorite tune, "I Got Rhythm," from 1931 --click here



If you wish to contact Roger Hall for an interview -- click here

CD Reviews

Retrophonic Gershwin

Porgy & Bess (3 CD Set)

Recommended DVDs and CDs
by Pianist Richard Glazier

From Gershwin to Garland (DVD)

From Ragtime to Reel Time (DVD)

Broadway to Hollywood (CD)

Gershwin: Remembrances and Discovery (CD)

A few recommended books
about George and Ira Gershwin




Vol. 1: 1918-1930

Vol. 2: 1931-1954







George Gershwin
Edited & Designed by Merle Armitage


George Gershwin: His Life and Work

George Gershwin: His Life and Work
by Howard Pollock


The George Gershwin Reader
by Robert Wyatt and John Andrew Johnson





Remembering Radio
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