By Roger Lee Hall
(PineTree Productions)

A multimedia DVD only available here,
of particular interest to those interested
in the history of Otto Kahn's magnificent castle
and Eastern Military Academy which was operating there
from the 1940s to 1970s.


In celebration of the 60th anniversary of songwriter Roger Lee Hall's first year at Eastern Military Academy (EMA) in 1952, he has prepared this special remembrance on a multi-media disc playable on any computer with Microsoft Word or compatible software program.

He tells his fond memories spent at EMA, in what was once the magnificent castle of wealthy banker, Otto Hermann Kahn, and named O-HE-KA after the initials of his name.

Roger's years at EMA were among the most rewarding ones of his youth because it was the first step in his later music career, which has lasted over 50 years. It all began when he sang in the EMA Lower School Glee Club and learned to appreciate the joys of singing.

Later he began his songwriting career and eventually became an ASCAP composer. One of his songs, "The Soho Serenade" is available as a download from CD Baby.

The computer disc contains over 100 files, including his stories about EMA, with many pictures, and additional information he has compiled about OHEKA Castle over the years.

In addition, there are many other pictures, including when he was the musical guest at the OHEKA Castle Garden Party in 2004.


The disc from PineTree Productions includes these folders:

  • About the author

  • Eastern Military Academy (EMA) - Then and Now

  • Read a chapter from Roger Hall's frank memoir:
    Chapter 4: "Oh! How I Hate To Get Up in the Morning" - Memories of a Cadet at Eastern Military Academy (EMA).
    He tells his experiences at EMA in the 1950s at OHEKA Castle.

  • Music album with 20 music titles (mp3) including rare recordings of piano playing by George Gershwin (who was championed by Otto Kahn), a lively jazz recording by Otto Kahn's son, Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra from the 1920s, songs from the 1950s and 1960s, including songwriter Roger Hall's song, "Free As The Breeze."

  • OHEKA Castle - Past and Present

  • Picture galleries of Eastern Military Academy and OHEKA Castle today.


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