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This is the largest site on the web providing information about historical American music in need of preservation.

No attempt is made to cover all kinds of American music since it is too vast an area to cover completely.

But a vast time span is highlighted on this site covering over 300 years.

There is a need to preserve music from earlier America. Will you help in this effort?

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American Music Preservation (AMP) includes historical information and also CDs and DVDs
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Most of the information on this site was written and edited by Roger Lee Hall,
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A few of the CDs available from this site with Premiere Recordings...


AMRC CD 0017: Celestial Praises: A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals


AMRC CD 0026: Land of Our Hearts:
American Songs of War and Peace (American Revolution to World War I)

AMRC CD 0028: AMERICAN PLACES - Musical Travels


In honor of the 150th birthday of Amy Beach

AMRC 0040: Five American Women Composers


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These are the main topics covered on this AMP site:

Other topics on this page:



















There are many musical treasures waiting to be discovered from America's past and in need of preservation.

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American Classical Composers


American Composers Series (18th -20th centuries)













A Tribute to Aaron Copland -
Dean of American Composers




Music in Earlier New England

William Billings - Father of American Choral Music


New England Composers



New England Choral Archive - listening examples





Singing New Englanders - From The Pilgrims to The Shakers




Singing Stoughton




Music of the Shakers

Music of the American Shakers - Resources and Recordings




"Give Good Gifts": Shaker Music in the 20th Century



"The Humble Heart": A Forty Year Survey of Shaker Music



"Simple Gifts" - Great American Folk Song


Music from Films


Film Music Review (FMR)



Bernard Herrmann 1941: Two film score classics



The Sammy Film Music Awards


Popular Songs and Songwriters



"High Hopes":
A Centennial Tribute To Sammy Cahn


"It's Easy To Remember" - A Tribute to Bing Crosby



"All The Way" - A Centennial Remembrance of Frank Sinatra





Music, By George! - A George Gershwin Tribute




The Bill Randle Chronicles - From Electric Elvis to The Shakers



Cowboy Songs Corral





Music Resources


Preserving Our Musical Past



Shaker Music Preservation Series


Society for Earlier American Music (SEAM)







Music Archives


American Music Recordings Archive (AMRA)



New England Choral Archive (NECA)



New England Music Institute

New England Music Institute


















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For additional information relating to American music
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ICAMUS the international center for american music

The International Center for American Music (ICAMus)


SAM Home

The Society for American Music (SAM)
















































































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