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"A Toast"
Music of George Washington's Time

This collection includes historical information, sheet music, music albums and video programs.

The sheet music is from the collection, The Music That Washington Knew, containing songs, instrumental music and dances popular during Washington's Time, including historical background.

The music album was recorded at several live concerts performed by soloists and chorus from the Old Stoughton Musical Society, including a 1982 concert celebrating the 250th anniversaries of the births of Austrian composer, Franz Joseph Haydn, and U.S. President, George Washington; and concerts celebrating the bicentennial of U.S. Constitution in 1987, and bicentennial of the Inauguration of First U.S. President in 1989.

Also on the DVD disc is a half hour video program titled:


It includes a one act historical play about the writing of the oldest constitution of any musical organization in the USA -- for the Stoughton Musical Society, written just two weeks after the U.S. Constitution in 1787. The video includes music of that time by William Billings, Alexander Reinagle and others. It was videotaped at the 200th anniversary program in 1987.

Music album titles (click links for streaming samples):

1. +The Liberty Song -- words: John Dickinson, 1768/

2. +Father and I Went Down to Camp -- tune: YANKEE DOODLE

3. Chester-- words & music by William Billings, 1778

4. +Welcome, Mighty Chief, Once More --
music: "See the Conquering Hero Comes" by G. F. Handel

5. A Toast (for General George Washington) --Francis Hopkinson, 1778

6. Beneath a Weeping Willow's Shade --
Francis Hopkinson, 1788

7. My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free -- Francis Hopkinson, 1759

8. +Norah, Dear Norah -- William Shields, 1783
(Washington's favorite English opera)

9. +The Way-Worn Traveler -- Samuel Arnold, 1793

10. Excerpt from 1982 Concert Address by Roger Hall

11. Tenor Recitative & Chorus from THE CREATION
by Franz Joseph Haydn

12. +Thanksgiving -- music by William Billings, 1778

13. Ode to President George Washington, 1789

14. Excerpt from 1982 Concert Address by Roger Hall

15. New Jerusalem -- Jeremiah Ingalls, 1796

16. +The Dove -- Samuel Capen, 1805

17. +New Bethlehem -- Edward French, 1799

18. +Mount Vernon -- Oliver Holden, 1800

19. +Dedication -- words: William Billings, 1794/
music: Roger Hall, 1986

20.+The Grand Constitution - from the one act play
about the United States and Stoughton Musical Society's Constitutions in 1787

21. The Federal March (excerpt) -- Alexander Reinagle

22. +U.S. Constitution Ballad: The 'Vention Did In Boston Meet
tune: "Yankee Doodle," 1788

23. The Grand Constitution (finale of one act play, 1987)

24. +Ode to President George Washington (reprise) --
tune: "God Save The King"/ words: Samuel Low
(sung at the First U.S. Presidential Inauguration in New York City in 1789)

Here is the first verse by Samuel Low:

Hail! Godlike Washington!
Fair Freedom's chosen son,
Born to command:
While this great globe shall roll,
Thy deeds from pole to pole,
Shall shake Columbia's soul
With virtuous praise.

+ = Premiere Recording = 12

Nos. 1 - 4 = edited and arranged by William Arms Fisher,
The Music That Washington Knew

Nos. 12-13, 22-24 = edited and arranged by Roger Lee Hall

Available separately is the CD (AMRC 0011),
"Music of George Washington's Time,"
with the music album listed above -- click here

For more about America's oldest existing choral society,
organized in 1786 during Washington's lifetime -- CLICK HERE




"Lincoln and Liberty"
Music of Abraham Lincoln's Era

It is not generally known that Abraham Lincoln was a devoted music lover throughout his life and someone who enjoyed all kinds of music, including rousing minstrel songs, sentimental ballads, patriotic tunes, and Grand Opera.


"Lincoln and Liberty" - Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era, was compiled and edited by musicologist, Roger Lee Hall, and contains a great deal of information about Abraham Lincoln and music of his era.






Also included on the DVD is a half hour video program:

IN CONCERT: Civil War Sunday School Hymns by Stephen Foster

with a rehearsal and first concert performances of several Foster hymns, performed by the Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus, under the direction of Earl Eyrich.


Accompanying the Listener's Guide is a specially prepared music album with 24 songs and hymns from the American Music Recordings Collection, with 8 Premiere Recordings, and with over one hour of music written and popular during Abraham Lincoln's era. The music is performed by various performers, including The Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus, The Union Confederacy, pianist Margaret Ulmer and Eric Sosman, bass-baritone, performed mostly from original published sheet music.

Music album titles (click links for streaming samples):

1. The Star-Spangled Banner -- 1860 choral arrangement

2. Hail! Columbia -- words by Joseph Hopkinson/
music: The President's March by Philip Phile

3. Home! Sweet Home! -- words: John Howard Payne/
music: Henry R. Bishop, 1823

4. Emancipation Song: Get Off The Track --words: Jesse Hutchinson, 1844/
tune: Old Dan Tucker by Daniel D. Emmett

5. Gentle Annie -- words and music by Stephen C. Foster, 1856

6. Lincoln and Liberty --
words: William H. Burleigh/ tune: Rosin the Bow
(Lincoln's Campaign Song, 1860)

Hymn: +The Pure, The Bright, The Beautiful --
music by Stephen C. Foster, 1863

8. Hymn: +Over The River -- words: H.C./
music: Stephen C. Foster,1863

9. Hymn: +What Shall The Harvest Be? -- words: Emily Sullivan Oakey/
music: Stephen C. Foster, 1863

10. Hymn: +Choral Harp -- words: William R. Wallace/ music: Stephen C. Foster

11. Hymn: +Give Us This Day -- words & music by Stephen C. Foster, 1863

12. Dixie's Land (Dixie) --
Daniel Decatur Emmett, 1859

13. The Bonnie Blue Flag -- words: Harry McCarthy, 1861/
music: The Irish Jaunting Car

14. Go Down, Moses -- Afro-American spiritual
(sung when the Emancipation Proclamation was announced)

15. +A Prayer For The Captive -- Shaker pacifist hymn by Cecilia DeVere
(sung by the Shakers on the day of Lincoln's funeral)

+John Brown (aka: John Brown's Body, 1861) and
Battle Hymn of the Republic -- words by Julia Ward Howe, 1862 (original versions)

17. Cumberland Gap, 1862

18. We Are Coming, Father Abraam -- Stephen C. Foster, 1862

19. Willie Has Gone To The War -- Stephen C. Foster

20. Lorena -- words: Rev. H.D.L. Webster/ music: J.P. Webster, 1857

21. All Quiet Along the Potomac -- words: Mrs. Ethel L. Beers/
music: W.H. Goodwin, 1861

22. When Johnny Comes Marching Home -- Patrick S. Gilmore, 1863

23. Weeping, Sad and Lonely (When This Cruel Is Over) --
words: Charles Carroll Sawyer/ music: Henry Tucker, 1862

24. +Hymn of Peace (written for the end of the Civil War) --
words: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr./music: Matthias Keller

+ = Premiere Recording = 8


Available separately is the CD (AMRC 0012), "Lincoln and Liberty,"
with 24 titles, including "Willie Has Gone to the War" (music by Stephen Foster) --

click here



To order the multimedia DVD for computer with both titles,
"A Toast": Music of George Washington's Era and
"Lincoln and Liberty": Music of Abraham Lincoln's Era,
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Would you like to schedule a music program for your educational institution, museum or historical society about the music of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln's era? The illustrated lecture includes recorded music examples and live singing with the audience of familiar songs.

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Also available...

A multi-media CD-ROM with sheet music and music examples

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Songs and Hymns of the Civil War Era






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