Music Preservationist Honored in Who's Who Directories

Roger Lee Hall, the distinguished American music preservationist and composer, and one of the leading authorities on Shaker music, has received the high honor of being listed in two highly regarded volumes:

Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World

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Music Lectures and Workshops

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Music Career



He taught for 18 years at Stonehill College and in the Brookline Adult & Community Education Program, where he taught hundreds of young students and seniors.
Some of the courses he taught include these:

  • A Listener's Guide to Music
  • Great Composers (J.S. Bach, Handel, Mozart)
  • The Genius of George Gershwin
  • Music in the Movies
  • Masters of the American Song


In addition to his composing (ASCAP composer) and teaching, he has been a musicologist, lecturer, radio host, cable TV producer, and film music critic.

News items about Mr. Halls music career:


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about Mr. Hall's extensive music activities,




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Come, gentle peace, with smiling ray,
Beam on our land a cloudless day,
Beneath thy influence serene,
The oliver wears immortal green.

Come. gentle peace, resume thy reign,
With all thy virtues in thy train,
And then Columbia's soil shall grow
As verdant Paradise below.

-- Esther Talbot, Stoughton, MA, 1814

He set this anti-war poem written during the War of 1812 to music
and it is available on this CD,

GENTLE PEACE: A Sampler of Songs and Instrumentals





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