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This deluxe multi-media DVD from PineTree Productions contains music collections, recorded music examples and concert videos from forty years of research by Roger Lee Hall.

There are highlights from the entire history of Shaker music from the 1780s to the 1950s. During these centuries, the Shakers composed over 10,000 single verse songs, multi-verse hymns and prose anthems.

Included on the multi-media DVD:

sheet music collections
--Audio interviews with Sister R. Mildred Barker and Sister Lillian Phelps
--Public Radio segments
--Over 40 audio examples
--Video clips from concerts with Shaker music arranged by Roger Lee Hall

The title of this disc is from one of the best known early Shaker hymns, with words by Eunice Wyeth (or Wyethe) and tune by Thomas Hammond Jr. from the Harvard Shaker community in Massachusetts. This is a rare music manuscript of the hymn in Shaker alphabet music notation:




Here is the list of folders on "The Humble Heart" computer DVD:

01 - Introduction
02 - Article: The Simple Gifts of Shaker Music in America
03 - First Shaker Song with words & music: "In Yonder Valley" (1787)
04 - Early Hymn: "The Humble Heart" (ca. 1820)
05 - Dance Song: "Tis the gift to be simple" (1848) -
with an interview with Sister R. Mildred Barker
06 - Prose Anthem: "Millennial Praise" (1883)
07 - Music Collection 1: A Western Shaker Music Sampler (1976)+
08 - Music Collection 2: The Happy Journey (1982)
09 - Music Collection 3: A Guide to Shaker Music (2006)
10 - Music Collection 4: The Humble Heart - 24 Shaker Spirituals (2008)
11 - "My Shaker Home" (1959) -
interview with Sister Lillian Phelps and historical article by Darryl Thompson
12 - Shaker Song Triptych:
"May I Softly Walk"/"Gentle Words"/"Love is Little"

13 - Shaker music on Public Radio
14 - Resources - printed hymnals checklist and other information
15 - Videos - Television programs and concert music clips


"The Humble Heart"
A Forty Year Survey of Shaker Music
by Roger Lee Hall
(PTM 1050)


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"Thanks so much for the donation of your reproductions of Shaker music for the Center for Communal Studies. I had an opportunity to show them ("Give Good Gifts" and "Simple Gifts" DVDs) to the Center Board when it met. Everyone was so pleased with your thoughtfulness and generosity."

Donald E. Pitzer, Acting Director
Center for Communal Studies
University of Southern Indiana
Evansville, Indiana




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