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2012 Survey


Total for 2012 = 29 tunes

Total from 2001 to 2012 = 370 tunes


Thanks to those who participated in this year's survey.

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October 6-12, 2013



National Carry A Tune Week 2012

Many of the tunes have additional information by Tune Week participants
and comments by Roger Lee Hall, Director of the Tune Lovers Society.

Some of the tunes also have links to other pages on this site and many have links to YouTube audio or video clips.



I. Patriotic Music = 6 tunes



Civil War era is celebrating its 150th annioversary this year and has words by Julia Ward Howe, set to the tune of "Glory, Hallelujah" (also used for "John Brown's Body"). It was published by The Atlantic Monthly in February of 1862.


"God Bless America" - words and music by Irving Berlin, 1938 -- Judy
Comments: This beloved patriotic song was made famous as sung by Kate Smith, who included the special verse written by Irving Berlin at the dawn of World War II. This verse is usually left off and only the chorus is sung.
YouTube (Kate Smith)


"The House I Live In (That's America to Me) - words and music Earl Robinson and Lewis Allen, 1942 -- Gail
Comments: This song of tolerance for all people was first recorded by the great Paul Robeson (Columbia) and it won an Academy Award for a movie short starring Frank Sinatra.
YouTube (Paul Robeson)

Since this is an election year I had picked these three songs. -- Gail

(1) "I Like Ike" -- 1952 campaign song
Comments: The first campaign I remember and the first candidate I rooted for. YouTube (early TV ad)

(2) Lincoln and Liberty -- 1860 campaign song, words by Jesse Hutchinson
Comments: It is also time to commemorate the Civil War.
YouTube - Oscar Brand

(3) "Song of the Presidents"
Comments: a song recorded by Oscar Brand going through all the Presidents from Washington to Clinton.



II. Folk Music = 1 tune

"Matilda, Matilda!" - words and music by Harry Thomas, 1953
a calypso song made popular by Harry Belafonte
Comments: I happily sing along with "women over 40" -- Gail
YouTube (Harry Belafonte)




III. Religious Music = 2 tunes


"Creator God, We Give You Thanks" - words: Betty Anne J. Arner -- Roger
Comments: I came across this text in a collection of hymns and thought the words were very inspiring. I first set it as a hymn in 1976, then arranged it as anthem three different times: 1977, 1993, 2010.

"In Yonder Valley" - Elder James Whittaker, 1787 --Roger
Comments: This is believed to be the first Shaker song with words and music and was composed by one of the early leaders of the Shaker church. I first edited this song for a music collection, The Happy Journey: Thrity-Five Shaker Spirituals.


IV. Popular Music = 11 tunes


"Bali Hai" from SOUTH PACIFIC - words: Oscar Hammerstein II/
music: Richard Rodgers, 1949 -- Phyllis
YouTube (Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza)

"By the Waters of Minnetonka" - words: J.M. Cavanass/ music: Thuirlow Lieurance, 1921 -- Phyllis
YouTube (Nelson Eddy)

"Carolina Moon" - words: Benny Davis/ music: Joe Burke, 1929 -- Judy
YouTube (Connie Francis)
Comments: The theme song for Morton Downey on radio and also recording by Smith Ballew (Okeh), Jesse Crawford (RCA), Gene Austin (RCA), jazz organist Ernie Felice (Capitol), and Connie Francis (M-G-M).

"Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)" - words: Herb Magidson/
music: Carl Sigman, 1950 -- Gail
YouTube (Guy Lombardo and His Orchestra)
Comments: This became one of the most popular songs featured by Guy Lombardo and His Orchestra with fine band singer, Kenny Gardner.

"Hound Dog" - words and music by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, 1953/1956 -- Judy
YouTube (Elvis Presley on Milton Berle Show, 1956)

Comments: This song was introduced on a R&B record by Big Mama Thornton, but is best known as the #1 multi million-selling record by Elvis Presley in 1956.


"If You Were the Only Girl in the World" - words: Clifford Grey/
music: Nat D. Ayer, 1916, 1946 -- Gail
YouTube (Downton Abbey)
Comments: The song was recorded by Rudy Vallee in 1929 and was revived on "Your Hit Parade" in 1946. It was also sung in the movie musical with Doris Day and Gordon MacRae, BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON, in 1952. Featured in a poignant scene in DOWNTON ABBEY TV series.

"It's Been A Long, Long Time" - words: Sammy Cahn/ music: Jule Styne, 1945 -- Judy
YouTube (Harry James with Kitty Kallen)
Comments: A very popular song and was a #1 hit five times, including as sung by Bing Crosby (Decca) and Kitty Kallen (Columbia).

"I Went To You Wedding" - words and Music by Jessie Mae Robinson, 1952 - Judy
YouTube (Patti Page)
Comments: A touching song and a million-selling record for Patti Page (Mercury Records).


"Music Box Dancer" - music: Frank Mills, 1979 -- Phyllis
YouTube (Frank Mills)

"Peace-Lovin' Blues" - words and music by Roger Lee Hall, 1962 -- Roger
Comments: This is one of my first pop songs and it was written about an English girl I was then dating and giving me much grief. I also had just heard a new British group which had made their first record. They were -- The Beatles and it was their beginning in 1962. I had a demo record made of "Peace-Lovin' Blues" but it was never released commercially.

"Some Enchanted Evening" from SOUTH PACIFC - words: Oscar Hammerstein II/ music: Rivchard Rodgers, 1949 -- Phyllis
YouTube (Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza)


V. Classical Music = 1 tune


"The Pleasures of Variety" - words: William Billings, 1794/
music: Roger Hall, 1980
Comments: This year's Carry A Tune Week began on October 7 which was the birthday of America's first important tune composer, William Billings. In 980 I composed this tune for a concert celebrating music in Massachusetts. It begins with some narration from a Billings tunebook, then goes into a tune in Colonial style sung by a vocal octet.



VI. Film Music = 8 tunes

"As Time Goes By" - words and music by Herman Hupfeld, 1931 -- Roger
Comments: I've always liked this song, especially as sung by Dooley Wilson in the classic film, CASABLANCA, released in 1942. The song was written many years before by a songwriter who lived in the next town from where I grew up in New Jersey and also wrote some other songs in the 1930s like the Depression era song, "Are You Making Any Money?" If Hupfeld were alive today he might be a wealthy man from all the song royalties since he wrote both words and music.
YouTube (Dooley Wilson from CASABLANCA)


"Indian Love Call" from ROSE-MARIE, 1936 - words: Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammsterstein II/ music: Rudolph Friml, 1924 -- Phyllis
YouTube (Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy)


"In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening" from HERE COMES THE GROOM, 1951 - words: Johnny Mercer/ music: Hoagy Carmichael -- Gail
Comments: This popular song sung by Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman received an Oscar as Best Movie Song of 1951.
YouTube (Bing Crosby and Jane Wyman)

"James Bond Theme" - music by Monty Norman (arranged by John Barry) --Roger
Comments: On the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie, DR.NO, I pick this Bond theme which has become as well known as any movie theme over the last 50 years. The arrangement by John Barry is the best of any that have been made.
YouTube (soundtrack)


"Laura" - words: Johnny Mercer/ music: David Raksin, 1944 -- Roger
Comments: This is appropriate choice on the centennial of David Raksin's birth. It is probably his best known film theme and I have loved it from the first time I heard it. The words were added after the film was released and Raksin has said that he was pleased to have the superb lyricist, Johnny Mercer, as his co-writer.
YouTube (David Raksin)


"That's Amore" from THE CADDY - words: Jack Brooks/ music: Harry Warren, 1951 -- Judy
Comments: A million-selling record for Dean Martin (Capitol)
YouTube (Deam Martin)


"This Old Man" (Children's Marching Song) from INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS - adapted by Malcolm Arnold, 1958 -- Judy
Comments: Sung by a children's chorus in the movie and also a hit record by Mitch Miller and His Orchestra (Columbia).
YouTube (Mitch Miller)


music by Elmer Bernstein, 1962 -- Roger
Comments: On its 50th anniversary, I returned to watch this superbly acted film starring Gregory Peck and listened especially to the Main Title theme which is a perfect evocation of a child's imagination and wonderment of things around them. I believe it is Elmer Bernstein's best film score and it was his favorite one among the many great film scores he composed.






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