Sixth Annual

National Carry A Tune Week

October 1- 7, 2006



This is a Free Web Survey sponsored each year by The Tune Lovers Society.

This year was the first time there was a list sent in from another country other than the USA.

It was sent in from Germany. Thank you to Beate for sending in your list. Because you were the first to send in your comments, you have won a Free CD!

Here are the tunes chosen for 2006 (listed in alphabetical order by title, with comments and names):

Carry A Tune Week 2006

Folk Music:

Folk Song: "Welcome, Welcome" (Shaker song by Rosetta Cummings, 1869) -- Comments: "I found this in a museum library and arranged it in 1981 as a round for several voice parts. I revised it this year when finding my long lost daughter and she came for a visit. The song is available in my book and CD, A Guide to Shaker Music." -- Roger

Religious Music:

Hymn: "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"
(tune: NETTLETON in John Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music, Part II, 1813/ text: Robert Robertson) - Comments: I think the old tune is used with other words as well. This citation comes from the current Lutheran Book of Worship, Hymn No. 499 -- Jim

Hymn: "How Can I Keep From Singing?"(music by Rev. Robert Lowry/words by Anne Warner, 1864) -- Comments: Rise Up Singing: The Group Singing Songbook cites some 1957 verses and insists the song is NOT an old Quaker hymn." -- Jim [Additional Note: It isn't a Shaker hymn either, as previously claimed by Enya]

Hymn: "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (words: Joseph Medlicott Scriven/ music by Charles Converse, 1868) -- Comments: "Lately in church concerts and at patients bedsides I notice my hands are led to this song. And so often afterwards, people come up to me and say, 'you took me right back to my childhood, my mother used to sing that song.' -- Diane, healing harpist

Popular Music:

Popular Song: "Beat It" (words & music by Michael Jackson, 1983) -- Comments: "It reminds me of my time as a teenager" -- BeateK0

Popular Song: "Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair" ( words and music by Stephen Foster, 1854) -- Comments: "I have a new harp arrangement and have always loved the song" -- Diane, healing harpist

Popular Song: "My Way" (English words by Paul Anka/music by Jacques Revaux and laude Francois, 1969) -- Comments: "This title fits well in my life" -- Beate

Popular Song: "Open Thy Lattice Love" (words by George P. Morris/ music by Stephen Foster, 1844) -- Comments: "This song is so little played, and I just like the movement of the intervals in the opening line especially. " -- Diane

Popular Song: "Suspicious Minds" (words & music by Mark James, 1969) -- Comments: "I find it his most passionate song. I have often heard it when Elvis died. I can still remember it as if I was a child" --Beate

Popular Song: "Turn Around" (Malvina Reynolds-Alan Greene, 1958) -- Comments: "This is from my favorite Harry Belafonte album, Love is a Gentle Thing, and reminds me of my husband's happy 'turn around' this year after finding his daughter" -- Gail

Popular Song: "You Are My Sunshine" (Jimmie Davis-Charles Mitchell, 1940) -- Comments: "This was the first song my husband liked on radio as a child, sung by Gene Autry, and I like it better than the Bing Crosby version. "-- Gail

Classical Music:

Classical Music: "Be Glad Then, America" from New England Tritptch (music by William Billings/ arranged and orchestrated by William Schuman, 1956) -- Comments: "The original title by Billings was 'An Anthem for Fast Day' and it was printed in his last tune collection, The Continetnal Harmony (Boston, 1794). The words are not used in the arrangement by William Schuman." -- Roger
[Note: William Schuman has been named to the Tunemaker Hall of Fame list in 2006]he original title

Film Music:

Film Music: GIANT (Main Title) (music by Dimitri Tiomkin, 1956) -- Comments: "On its 50th anniversary, I select a favorite film theme by my favorite film composer of the 1950s. Hearing that Main Title still gives me a thrill with its majestic sweep depicting the expansiveness of the Texas landscape. Tiomkin composed so many memorable themes in his film music career, including the score and song for HIGH NOON and for THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY" -- Roger
[Note: Dimitri Tiomkin has been named to the Tunemaker Hall of Fame list in 2006]

Film Song: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Chirstmas" from MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS (1944)(words and music by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane) -- Comments: "I love the line 'someday soon we all will be together' and it matches my view of life and especialyy eternity, that the people with whom we share deep experiences, music, food, and joy will always be our companions."-- Diane

Film Song: "Love Me Tender" (based on a Civil War era song: "Aura Lee or Lea"/ new words and arranged tune by Ken Darby, 1956) -- Comments: Many writers still incorrectly credit Elvis Presley as co-writer of this song. The other co-writer listed is Vera Matson (she didn't write the song either!). For the full story, go to song anniversaries" -- Roger

Film Song: "Wooden Heart" from G.I. BLUES, 1960 (based on a German folk song/ words & music adapted by Bert Kaempfert, Kay Twomey, Ben Wiseman and Fred Wise) -- Comments: "I find the song terrific (mussi denn, mussi denn stadtele hinaus)" -- Beate

The Carry A Tune Week survey is broken down as follows:

Tune Categories:  

Patriotic Music = 0

Folk Music = 1

Religious Music = 3

Popular Music = 7

Classical Music = 1

Film Music (Themes or Songs) = 4

Tune Dates:  

18th & 19th century  =  7

20th century = 9

Total Tunes for 2006 = 16


Total tunes selected for National Carry A Tune Week, 2001 - 2006 = 178


National Carry A Tune Week for



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