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"The Best Choice":
A Sampling of American Communal Hymns

by Roger L. Hall
PineTree Press, PTM 1048

As announced in
The Communal Studies Association Newsletter
Volume 42, Issue 1 (Winter 2016),


"The Best Choice" is a collection
of sample American communal hymns from the 19th century.

Also on the computer disc is a
Checklist of American Communal Hymnals from 1730 to 1855.

This collection was compiled and arranged by Roger L. Hall,
an ethnomusicologist and composer
who has researched communal music for many years.

The hymn collection was originally published in 2004,
and reprinted in 2006.
It has been out-of-print since that time.

Now the hymn collection is available
with bonus audio and video files on a DVD-ROM,
readable on computer and the sheet music can be printed.

These are the sheet music titles
included in the collection:

1. "The Best Choice" (1705 manuscript)
text: Johannes Kelpius,
ed. and arr. by Roger Hall
(The Contented of the God-loving Soul)

2. "Hymn for the Spinning Sisters" (1745)
Augustus Gottlieb Spangenburg
(General Economy - The Moravians)

3. "How Gracious Is The Lord" (1747)
Anna Thomen (in German and English)
(The Ephrata Cloister)

4. "Children of Friendship" (ca. 1820)
Frederick Rapp
(The Harmony Society)

5. "The Spirit of God" (ca. 1835)
words: William W. Phelps/tune: English
(United Order - Kirtland Latter Day Saints)

6. "Let Us Ye Brethren" (ca. 1840)
words: Gerhard Terstegen
tune: Solomon Ackerman, arr. Roger Hall
(in German)
(Zoar Separatists)

7. "O Youth Who Travel On So Far" (1846)
words: Eric Jansson
tune: V. Schumann, arr. Roger Hall
(Bishop Hill)

8. "Come And Welcome" (1846)
David Austin Buckingham
(The Shakers) - arr. Roger Hall

9. "Farewell, Dear Friends" (1849)
words: Adin Ballou (Hopedale Community)
arr. Roger Hall



On this multimedia DVD-ROM
there are over 300 files including sheet music and audio examples,
plus several bonus features:

Audio - Roger Hall's research paper, "Heavenly Music,"
from the Communal Studies Association Conference
in Zoar, Ohio
including all the audio examples.

Video - concert highlights featuring Shaker hymns
performed by The Canterbury Singers, Kathryn Southworth, Director.


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"The Best Choice"


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Roger Hall presented his research paper titled,
"Heavenly Music" -
Evolution of communal singing at Zoar, Kirtland, and North Union, Ohio

based partly on his research
which is available on a multimedia collection titled,
"May We Ever Be United" -- click here

He read his paper and sang several examples
at the Communal Studies Association Annual Conference,
held in Zoar, Ohio, on October 6, 2017.

A copy of Mr. Hall's paper from the Zoar conference
is available as a free downlaod for any researcher.

If you wish to also have all the audio examples with this CSA paper,
they are available with "The Best Choice" disc listed above.

To request a free download of the paper without the audio examples,
sent by email attachment, write to

"Heavenly Music" research paper


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