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Hopalong Cassidy Songs

Hopalong Cassidy Song Series

"The Angels Handed Me A Rose" (Hoppy's Song For Grace) -- new song

"Following the Stars" (First song in a Hopalong Cassidy movie)

"Here He Comes"(Hopalong Cassidy TV theme song)

"Hopalong Cassidy (Clippity, Clippity, Clop)"

"Hoppy, Gene and Me" -- recorded by Roy Rogers

"Hoppy, Topper and Me" -- recorded by Margaret Whiting

"Along Come Hopalong Cassidy"-- recorded by Braden Corby

"Hoppy's Gone" -- recorded by Roger Miller

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The information on this page was written by songwriter Roger Hall, who is shown in the above picture with silent and serial film actor, Frank "Junior" Coghlan, and Grace Bradley Boyd (wife of William Boyd). Read about them and also how Roger met William Boyd in New York City at a magazine shoot, in his illustrated book,
Following the Stars - Music & Memories of Hopalong Cassidy.

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Is this a Hopalong Cassidy song collection?

You may have seen this collection available on eBay or other sites and assume that it contains sheet music from Hopalong Cassidy westerns.

Even though there is a picture of Hopalong Cassidy on the cover, none of the song lyrics are from Hopalong Cassidy westerns.

There are only a few movie scenes from Hoppy films as illustrations.

This is a collection of movie scenes and song lyrics that has nothing to do with Hopalong Cassidy songs.

Buyer beware!




Hopalong Cassidy Song Series

This series was written by songwriter, Roger Hall,
and featured in the HOPPY TALK Fan Club Newsletter,
Laura Bates, Editor/Publisher; Fred Romary, Associate Editor


(words by Leo Robin/ music by Ralph Rainger)
title song from the Hopalong Cassidy movie (1937)
in HOPPY TALK (Vol. 19, No. 3, Summer 2012)

(words and music by Sidney Mitchell and Louis Alter)

title song from the Hopalong Cassidy movie (1941)
sung by Brad King
with The Jimmy Wakely Trio
in HOPPY TALK (Vol. 19, No. 4, Winter 2013)

(words & music by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger)
made popular by Bing Crosby in the 1938 film,
also sung in the Hopalong Cassidy movie,
by Brad King with The Jimmy Wakely Trio
HOPPY TALK (Vol. 20, No. 1, Spring 2013)


(words & music by Harry Tobias and Jack Stern)
sung by a studio soloist and chorus in
HOPPY TALK (Vol. 20, No. 2, Autumn 2013)



(words by Foster Carling/ music by Phil Ohman)
sung by Eddie Dean with The King's Men
HOPPY TALK (Vol. 20, No. 3, Winter 2014)



(words by Frank Loesser/ music by Joseph J. Lilley)

sung by The Sportsmen Quartette
in LOST CANYON (1943)
HOPPY TALK (Vol. 20, No. 4, Spring 2014)




Jimmy Wakely, Grace Bradley Boyd, William Boyd

In celebration of the Jimmy Wakley Centennial (1914-2014)

(words by Frank Loesser/ music by Jimmy McHugh)

sung by The Jimmy Wakely Trio
in HOPPY TALK (Vol. 21, No. 1, Autumn 2014)



A young girl fan of "Range Rider"
with Dick Jones (on left) and Jack (Jock) Mahoney

In memory of Dick Jones (1927-2014)

(words by Dr. Brewster Higley/music by Daniel E. Kelley)
sung by St. Brendan's Boy Choir
in HOPPY TALK (Vol. 21, No. 2, Winter 2015)





from BAR 20 RIDES AGAIN (1935)
(words by Dave Franklin/music by Sam H. Stept)
sung by Chill Wills and His Avalon Boys
HOPPY TALK (Vol. 21, No. 3, Spring 2015)




Final song in this series

Television Theme Song (Hopalong Cassidy March)
(words by L. Wolfe Gilbert/music by Nacio Herb Brown)
sung by Studio Chorus
HOPPY TALK (Vol. 21, No. 4, Summer 2015)

This song is available on this CD:

Television's Greatest Hits, Volume 4:
65 TV themes from the '50s and '60s




New Song About Hoppy!

This song, with lyrics by Susie Coffman
from her book, Follow Your Stars, is titled:

"The Angels handed me a rose
(Hoppy's Song For Grace)"

Songwriter Roger Lee Hall sang this new song in Cambridge, Ohio
at the 20th anniversary Hopalong Cassidy Festival in 2010.

Upon learning of her passing
he dedicated this song in memory
of the beloved Mrs Hopalong Cassidy.

See the song lyrics at this link:

Grace Bradley Boyd Tribute

The instrumental version of
"The Angels handed me a rose" is
included on this CD.
Read more -- click here

[Sheet music cover from first song in a Hopalong Cassidy movie]


It is not generally known that there were over 40 songs featured
in Hopalong Cassidy westerns between 1935 and 1947. There were also appealing film scores for these westerns by composers like, John Leipold and Victor Young.

While it is true that Hopalong Cassidy was not a singing cowboy, there were singers and singing groups featured in his westerns, especially during the 1930s and early 1940s.

In the first film of the long-running series, titled HOP-A-LONG CASSIDY (1935), "Following the Stars" was sung by James (or Jimmy) Ellison playing Johnny Nelson. He wasn't a strong singer but did very nicely making this song an important part of the film's story.

There is a list of all the song titles and the singers and film composers featured in
along Cassidy westerns in the 3rd edition of the book with music, pictures and video clips on a multimedia DVD for computer titled,

"Following the Stars"
Music & Memories of Hopalong Cassidy
by Roger Hall


Also available is this commemorative CD:

Hopalong Cassidy Remembered

Includes these radio shows and Record Reader:

"The Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Show (1949)
"The Charlie McCarthy Show" (1954)
"Conversations" (1990) - with Roger Hall as guest
"Hopalong Cassidy and The Singing Bandit" (1950)

and these songs:

"Following The Stars"
"Here He Comes, Hopalong Cassidy"
"Hoppy, Gene and Me"
"Hoppy's Gone"

To order this special CD of Hoppy memories
for $14.95 (USA orders) or $24.95 (Overseas orders)
inluding shipping cost, go to the

CAMP Store





"Here He Comes"
(Hopalong Cassidy TV Theme Song)


Here he comes,
Here he comes,
There's the trumpets,
There's the drums,
Here he comes,

Hopalong Cassidy,
Here he comes!

These lyrics are from the television theme song,
by L. Wolfe Gilbert (1886-1970)
with music by Nacio Herb Brown (1896-1964)

All of his TV shows are now available on this DVD collection:

Hopalong Cassidy: Complete Collection

Hopalong Cassidy: The Complete Television Collection








"Hopalong Cassidy
(Clippity, Clippity, Clop)"

This song was written by Harry Leon and Jack Henry
and published by Box & Cox in London, England in 1954.

Here is a promotional copy of the sheet music cover from
Joe Caro's colorful illustrated guide, Hopalong Cassidy Collectibles:

There were several recordings made in the UK of this delightful song. This is the chorus of the song:

Hopalong Cassidy Clippity clippity clop,
Hopalong Cassidy Clippity clippity clop,
He rides by day, he rides by night,
His gun by his side 'cos he can fight,
Hopalong Cassidy got 'em on the run,
Hopalong Cassidy hand upon your gun,
Once upon the trail you'll bet he'll never stop,
So Hopalong Cassidy clippity clippity clop.

One recording was made by child singer Mandy Miller in 1954 on a Parlophone 78 RPM (R3908).

Another one was a 78 RPM made by Sam Browne and The Sunshine Kids which is available on


A more elaborate recording of the song was made by Billy Cotton and His Band, with Allan Breeze and His Bandits.

"Hopalong Cassidy (Clippity, Clippity Clop) was sung for the first time in public in nearly 50 years by Roger Hall, at the Hopalong Cassidy Festival in Cambridge, Ohio in 2000.





"Hoppy, Gene and Me" (1975)

William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) with Gene Autry and others


William Boyd, Space Cooley and Roy Rogers


A song by Thomas ("Snuff") Garrett, Stephen Dorff, and Milton Brown.
Written in 1975, it was the last hit record for singing cowboy star,
Roy Rogers.


Hoppy, Gene and Me

Hoppy, Gene and Me





"Hoppy, Topper and Me" (1951)

[Sheet music cover provided by a Hopalong Cassidy collector, Thanks, F.R.]


With lyrics by L. Wolfe Gilbert and music by Nacio Herb Brown (who also wrote the music for "Singin' in the Rain"), this rare "Official Hopalong Cassidy Music" was produced in 1951 by Nacio Publications and distributed by Consolidated Music Publishers in New York City.

This is the Refrain:

Last night in dreams, whom did I see?
Hoppy, Topper and Me.
Riding together, just we three:
Hoppy, Topper and Me.

This song was recorded by Margaret Whiting and also featured the voice of William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy).




"Along Come Hopalong Cassidy" (1981)

This song by Braden Corby was released in 1981 as a 45 RPM on the Double A Records label. He wrote on his website:

"The song got virtually no airplay -- except for a small town in southern Alberta --Stettler--there we rocketed to the number 6 spot. My claim to fame is that I hit the top ten in Stettler, Alberta. I gave up recording after that and stuck to live entertainment."

There are some folks who still remember his song.

To read about this song, click on this link:

Braden Corby - The Gentleman Balladeer



"Hoppy's Gone" (1972)

On September 12, 1972, Hoppy (William Lawrence Boyd) rode off for the last time to Cowboy Heaven.

This poignant song was written shortly afterwards by Johnny Slate, Larry Henley and Red Lane.

See the complete song lyrics at this link:

"Hoppy's Gone" was sensitively sung by Roger Miller and
included on this recommended 3 CD box set:


King of the Road

King of the Road: The Genius of Roger Miller



Songwriter Roger Hall standing next to
an original Hopalong Cassidy shirt
and wearing Hoppy's original white hat (thanks to Susie)

To order the latest edition of his book,
"Following the Stars - Music & Memories of Hopalong Cassidy,"
on a computer disc with music playable on your computer,

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