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Music by Roger Lee Hall

Roger Lee Hall is Composer-in-Residence for American Music

He has been composing music since the 1960s when he began writing pop and jazz songs. His first song "The Soho Serenade" (now on the "Gentle Peace" CD) was written in homage to The Beatles and London's Soho district. Roger even lip-synched Paul McCartney, complete with Beatle wig, at variety shows for hospital patients during the 1960s.

While at Rutgers University in the late 1960s, Roger began composing classical music and has since then composed in many different styles.

Over the years he has conducted and composed music for various church choirs, community choruses, and members of the Old Stoughton Musical Society, America's oldest choral society.

He has continued the use of "melodicism" or the focus on melody and his melodies are much simpler than the complexity of today's pop and classical music.

Though abridged versions of his CDs are available from CD Baby and other online sites, you can only order the full CDs listed below at this page from the American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC).

Three previous CDs: "Come, Gentle Peace"/ "Creator God, We Give You Thanks"/"The Dark Night is Ending" have been discontinued and much of that music has been transferred to the current CDs.

As a longtime member of ASCAP, Mr. Hall would appreciate your support of his music by purchasing a CD.

These are four CDs with over 100 of his music compositions and arrangements:

CD: "Gentle Peace" - A Sampler of Songs and Instrumentals (AMRC 0024)

CD: "Creator God" - Hymns and Spirituals (AMRC 0023)

CD: "Celestial Praises" - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals (AMRC 0017)

CD: "Gentle Words" - A Shaker Music Sampler (AMRC 0016)


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Creator God - Hymns and Spirituals (AMRC 0023) - features hymns and spirituals.

The title hymn is heard in two different settings and is based on a text that honors the environment and ths is the first verse:

Creator God, we give You thanks,
For all the glories You have made
Help us to see You in your work
The Artist in the art displayed.

Also on the CD are Christmas carols and hymns, an Easter hymn, several Afro-American and Shaker spirituals,
and other sacred music.

The lyrics to all the music are included in a separate text file on the CD.

CD cover art by GMH Design.

Performers include these singing groups from Massachusetts and Ohio:

Covenant Church Choir
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Choir
Immanuel Lutheran Church Choir

Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus
Plymouth Church Choir
Harvard University Choral Fellows


CD titles on this album (click the links for music samples - streaming only):

1. Creator God, We Give You Thanks (anthem for the environment)
2. Advent anthem (tune: Veni Emmanuel)

3. Prepare the royal highway (tune: Bereden vag for Herran - Swedish & English)
4. He whom shepherds once came praising (Christmas carol)

5. Hail to the joyous day (Christmas hymn)
6. They who seek the throne of grace
(hymn for contemplation)
7. Come, join in one accord (anniversary hymn)
8. Praise the Savior (Easter hymn)
9. Lord, keep us steadfast (tune: Ack, bliv hos oss,o Jesu Krist)(hymn of service)
10. Deep river (Afro-American spiritual)
11. Standin’ in the need of prayer (Afro-American spiritual)
12. Gentle words (Shaker spiritual)

13. Love is little (Shaker spiritual)
14. 'Tis the gift to be simple (Shaker spiritual)
15. Come let us sing (for Old Stoughton Musical Society's 200th anniversary)
16. Psalm, Prayer and Benediction (based on themes by J.S. Bach)
17. Leave some good behind you (based on a Shaker poem)
18. Creator God, We Give You Thanks (alternate version)

Nos. 12 and 13 are available in the Shaker Song Triptych (Op. 34) at Shaker music arrangements

Nos. 1 and 18 - text by Betty Anne J. Arner. From 16 New Hymns on the Stewardship of the Environment [Ecology],
Hymn Society of America, 19

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Click box below to hear samples of the shorter version of this album
available as a download from CD Baby

Various Artists: Creator God

1. Come, Gentle Peace, with smiling ray,
Beam on our land a cloudless day;
Beneath thy influence serene,
The olive wears immortal green.

2. Come, Gentle Peace, resume thy reign,
With all thy virtues in thy train;
And then Columbia's soil shall grow,
As verdant Paradise below.

--Esther Talbot, 1814


Gentle Peace - A Sampler of Songs and Instrumentals (AMRC 0024) - includes pop, jazz and classical songs and keyboard instrumentals. The classical pieces have Opus (Op.) work numbers and the pop and jazz pieces do not have any number attached to them.

This CD includes Roger Lee Hall's songs and instrumentals covering over 40 years.

CD cover art by GMH Design.


CD titles on the album (click on the links for music samples - streaming only):

1. Dream World (pop song)
2. The Soho Serenade (jazz song)
3. Free As The Breeze (jazz song)
4. Piano Variations On Original Melody, Op. 1a
5. Percussion Quartet (3rd movement), Op. 2
6. Seasonal Song No. 1: Thaw, Op. 10, No. 1 (SATB Chorus)
7. Seasonal Song No. 2: Spring Bluets, Op. 10, No. 2 (SATB Chorus)
8. Seasonal Song No. 3: Lovely Hill Torrents, Op. 10, No. 3 (SATB Chorus)
9.The Musical Telephone (Scene One - One Act Play)
10. The Musical Telephone (Scene Two - One Act Play)
11. The Musical Telephone (Scene Three - One Act Play)
12. The dark night is ending (instrumental) -- for the words to this song -- click here
13. A Gift Round, Op. 18, No. 1 (sung in Russian)
14. Variations on "Auld Lang Syne" Op. 31
15. The Angels handed me a rose (instrumental)
16. Peace, Op. 14 (soprano soloist and chorus)
17. A Little Theatre Music, Op. 22 (for solo flute)
18. Gentle Peace, Op. 21, No. 2 (vocal quartet)

All are First Recordings and most were recorded in live concerts and at special events.
All the lyrics to the songs are included in a text file with the album.

No. 1-3 are pop and jazz songs recorded in the early 1960s.

No. 4 is his first classical composition completed in 1968 while he was a music student at Rutgers University.

No. 5 is the final movement of a composition for xylophone, suspended cymbal, snare drum and timpani and composed when Roger was a music student at Rutgers University and first performed by a percussion ensemble in 1970.

Nos. 9-11 contain the complete one act play, The Musical Telephone, in three scenes with incidental music. The play was written and directed by Roger Hall and based on a chapter from the popular 19th century Utopian novel, Looking Backward, by Edward Bellamy.
The play was premiered at Emerson College in Boston for the Bellamy Centennial Conference in 1988.

No. 15 is the instrumental version. The song is dedicated to the memory of a former actress, Grace Bradley Boyd, the wife of actor William Boyd, who portrayed the popular western film star character of Hopalong Cassidy in 66 films, also on radio and television during the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Read more about this song at Hopalong Cassidy Songs.

Nos. 16 and 18 are based on an anti-war poem by a 10 year old girl during The War of 1812. Read the Boston Globe article about this 1814 anti-war poem, written several months before "The Star-Spangled Banner" -- click here

Hear "Peace" (Op. 21, No. 2) performed in a concert by a flute quartet on YouTube -- click here

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"The Soho Serenade" (No. 2) is also available as a single from CD Baby, click box below--

Ethel Regan: The Soho Serenade




Click box below to hear samples of the shorter version of this album available as a download from CD Baby:


Various Artists: Gentle Peace






Arrangements of many beautiful Shaker spirituals by Roger Lee Hall and Conrad Held
and also a selection of original Shaker tunes,
performed by The Canterbury Singers with guest soloists.
38 track titles. CD cover art by GMH Design

Hear a sample track from this CD:
"A New Year's Prayer" music by Roger Lee Hall -- click here

Read more about this album at this link:

Celestial Praises - A Celebration of Shaker Spirituals (AMRC 0017)




"Gentle Words" - A Shaker Music Sampler (AMRC 0016)

This CD contains arrangements of Shaker tunes by Roger Lee Hall, and his editions of original Shaker tunes performed by a church choir from Shaker Heights, Ohio, also singing by several Shaker sisters from field recordings. There are also interviews with Eldress Bertha Lindsay from the Canterbury Shakers and Sister Mildred Barker from the Sabbathday Lake Shakers. In addition, there is an excerpt from a conversation Mr. Hall had with composer, Aaron Copland, about his arrangements of the popular Shaker dance song, "Simple Gifts."

28 track titles. CD cover art by GMH Design.

Hear the arrangement of "Gentle Words" as performed by the Plymouth Church Choir, Directed by John D. Herr on YouTube -- click here

The complete interview with Aaron Copland about his arrangements of "Simple Gifts" is included on the multi-media computer disc with book, music album, and video clips, titled: "Simple Gifts" - Great American Folk Song





"The Musical Telephone - A Romantic Narrative"

Read about Roger Lee Hall's one act play
featuring his music

Click here








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Mr. Hall is also Album Producer
for the American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC) label and
here is a recent release which has one of his most popular instrumental compositions,
"Seven Variations on a Shaker Marching Tune":

AMRC 0028 - AMERICAN PLACES - Musical Travels

Read more -- click here




Read about his extensive music background -- click here











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