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A Major Collection of Historic American Choral Music!

Did you know that two of the oldest American singing traditions
began in the 18th century?

Learn about them on a new DVD-ROM.

Both of them still exist today in New England:

--The Old Stoughton Musical Society, Stoughton, Massachusetts

--The United Society of Shakers, Sabbathday Lake, Maine


Research collected and edited
by the prolific American music preservationist,
Roger Lee Hall

The DVD-ROM contains a massive digitized collection:
with 500 files in 50 folders,
including historical music publications,
sheet music, concert program illustrations, and more.

Bonus features on the DVD-ROM:

-- over 175 audio files with interviews and music examples.

--videos of cable television programs and concert highlights.


There are many premiere recordings of music on the DVD,
including the title hymn from the Civil War era:
"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"
words and music by Stephen C. Foster, 1863

These are the main folders on the DVD-ROM:

  • Biographical information

  • Picture galleries -- sheet music, concert programs and more

  • Recordings -- music albums

    01"Old Stoughton Musical Society Sampler" -
    music by William Billings, Jacob French, Stephen Foster, Charles Ives,
    E.A. Jones and other composers.

    Music ex: "Stoughton" music by William Billings, 1770
    text by Isaac Watts/ edited by Roger Lee Hall
    To listen to this music -- click here

    02 - "Musick in Old Boston" (1980)

    03 - "A Dedication Concert" (1981)

    03 "Simple Gifts of Shaker Music - A Recorded Legacy" -
    in-person interviews with Sister Mildred Barker and composer, Aaron Copland,
    and song arrangements by George and Gerry Armstrong, Bob Beers, Judy Collins,
    Aaron Copland, Bill Crofut, and Roger Lee Hall.

    Music ex: "Celestial Praises" - Shaker hymn, Canterbury, NH, 1841
    edited and arranged by Roger Lee Hall
    To listen to this arrangement -- click here


    This hymn is also included on this CD:

    Celestial Praises (AMRC 0017)

  • Research -- historical publications

    01 - The Stoughton Musical Society (organized in 1786)
    (renamed The Old Stoughton Musical Society in 1908) -
    --E.A. Jones: His Life and Music
    --Music in Stoughton: A Brief Survey
    --Singing Stoughton
    --Ten Town Tunes: Music in Stoughton, 1770-1990
    --The Stoughton Songster

    02 - The United Society of Shakers (first organized community in 1787)
    [aka: The United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing]
    --"Blended Together" - Discoveries Along The Shaker Music Trail
    --"Gentle Words" - Shaker Music in the 20th Century
    --"May We Ever Be United" - Music of the North Union Shakers
    --"Mount Zion" - A Western Shaker Music Sampler
    --"Simple Gifts" - Elder Joseph Brackett's Shaker Dance Song

  • Videos --

    --"A Stoughton Musicfest" (cable television program)
    --"Celestial Praises - Celebration of Shaker Spirituals" (concert highlights)



This educational DVD-ROM
is ideal for musicians, historians,
classroom teachers, media reporters,
and general interest.

Get your copy now at a special introductory price!


"Give Us This Day" -
Two Historic American Choral Music Traditions
Compiled and Edited by Roger Lee Hall

(PTM 1054)

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