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Five American Women Composers

This new CD (AMRC 0040) celebrates the music of five women composers from the 19th and 20th centuries.

They are examples of women who had the gift of composition and deserve to be better known.

The CD includes several Premiere Recordings.

These are the composers on the CD (arranged alphabetically):

1- Sister Martha Jane Anderson (1844-1897)

Three Shaker women composers shown in this picture (courtesy: Hamilton College Shaker Collection)
(left to right) Sister Martha Jane Anderson/ Sister Grace Bowers/ Eldress Anna White

"Shake, Rattle and Roll" and the Shakers:

Did you know that the man who produced the largest recorded collection of Shaker music
also promoted and introduced Elvis Presley on national television in 1956?
Read about the recorded collection of Shaker music -- click here



In celebration of the 150th anniversary of her birth

2 - Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (1867–1944)



3 - Katherine Kennicott Davis (1892-1980)


[No picture available]

4 - Susan McFarland (Mrs. E.A.Parkhurst) (1836-1918)


5 - Ruth Crawford Seeger (1901–1953)


CD track titles and composers or arrangers:

1. Quintet in F# minor (first movement,Op. 67, 1909) - Amy Marcy Cheney Beach
2. Quintet in F# minor (second movement,1909) - Amy M.C. Beach
3. Quintet in F# minor (third movement,1909) - Amy M.C. Beach
4. +Let this mind be in you (1924) - Amy M.C. Beach
5. Mass in Eb (1892) - Qui tollis - Amy M.C. Beach
6. Mass in Eb (1892) - Quoniam tu solis - Amy M.C. Beach
7. +Funeral March for President Abraham Lincoln (1865) - Susan McFarland Parkhurst
8. +In the bleak midwinter (1933) - Katherine Kennicott Davis
9. +I sing of a maiden (1933) - Katherine K. Davis
10. Cindy (1936) - arr. Ruth Crawford Seeger
11. Turtle Dove (1936) - arr. Ruth Crawford Seeger
12. Frog Went A-Courtin' (1936) - arr. Ruth Crawford Seeger
13. Sweet Betsy From Pike (1936) - arr. Ruth Crawford Seeger
14. I Ride An Old Paint (1936) - arr. Ruth Crawford Seeger
15. +Give Good Gifts (1893) - Sister Martha Jane Anderson

+ = Premiere Recording

Nos. 1-6, 8-9 were recorded at the 199th Annual Concert of the Old Stoughton Musical Society
(America's oldest choral society)
, 24 November 1985 with these performers:

String Players:
Anne Hooper, violin
Ann Christiansen, violin
Kim Mackin, viola
Jolene Kessl, cello

Vocal Soloists:
Linda Brookfield, soprano
David Benjamin, bass

Edward Baker Wood, piano

Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus
Earl Eyrich, Conductor

Nos. 7, 10-14 performed by pianist, Margaret Ulmer

No. 15 performed by Colleen Liggett, Roger Hall, and Mitzie Collins, reed organ

AMRC 0040

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