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Hopalong Cassidy Radio Program

Jingle of the Silver Spurs:
The Hopalong Cassidy Radio Program (1950-1952

by Bernard A. Drew, Bear Manor Media, 2005, 148 pages

A very useful reference book has been written by Bernard A. Drew.

In this book, Drew traces the development of the radio series and includes brief descriptions of all 104 half-hour radio episodes, plus the audition program from 1941 which doesn't use William Boyd or Andy Clyde.

There's also other information, including a brief biography of Clarence E. Mulford, who wrote the original Hopalong Cassidy novels.  

One of the chapters I especially enjoyed was titled -- "Songs for Hoppy." It's a very good summary.

Drew clearly sets the record straight about the other two fellas with the same name:   William "Stage" Boyd (1890-1935), who nearly ruined William "Hopalong" Boyd's career; and William "Radio" Boyd (1910-1977), who actually did sing western songs, unlike Hoppy.  

Even though not specifically mentioned, some of the information in the Hoppy songs chapter are from my articles in the Friends of Hopalong Cassidy newsletter, HOPPY TALK.  At least the articles are listed in the Sources at the back of the book.

This book is especially useful when looking for a specific Hoppy radio program.  

It also contains other fascinating information like "Vinyl Roundup."

There are also several added sections at the back of the book: 

Appendix A: Radio Promotion from United Artists Theater Manuel, 1942 Appendix B: Mutual Radio Publicity Kit, 1949 

Both of these are very interesting if you can read the small print of the reproduced text.  

If you enjoy the Hopalong Cassidy radio programs, this handy well written book is essential for your library.  

--review by Roger Hall
August 2005 (Tune Lovers Web Pages)
December 2010 (revised version, Cowboy Songs Corral)

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