"DEDICATION" - Singing in Stoughton, 1762-1992
by Roger L. Hall (PineTree Press)



The computer disc, with Microsoft Word documents,
includes an extensive collection of pictures and historical material
about probably the longest-running singing traditions in the USA.

On the disc there are over 200 files about singing in Stoughton, Massachusetts,
with information about composers and
the two historic musical societies in town:

--The Old Stoughton Musical Society (OSMS),
organized in 1786 and now the oldest of its kind in the USA.

--The Musical Society in Stoughton (MSIS, 1802-1982).


  • Book with singing meetings and concerts covering the years 1762 to 1987
  • Concert programs and historical pictures
  • 200th Anniversary Commemorative Concert program of Old Stoughton Musical Society
  • Ten Town Tunes (music collection)
  • Historical pictures and music
  • Supply Belcher, composer
  • Edward and Jacob French, composers
  • Samuel Capen, composer
  • Edwin Arthur Jones, composer
  • Roger Lee Hall, musicologist and composer
  • Tunes and tunebooks
  • Local cable TV programs:
    "Old Stoughton and The Grand Constitution" (1987)
    "A Stoughton Musicfest: A Celebration of Local Composers and Musicians (1990)


This disc includes listings of the first documented singing meetings in town in 1762
up to the Premiere in 1992 of the majestic cantata, "Song of Our Saviour" (1881),
for soloists, chorus and orchestra by E.A. Jones, conducted by Dr. Raymond Fahrner.
This cantata was discovered by Roger Hall at the Stoughton Historical Society in 1980.

The premiere performance of the cantata was written about in several newspapers:
The Stoughton Journal, The Patriot Ledger, and
a feature article in The Boston Globe (May 4, 1992) titled,
"Giving life to a lost masterpiece" by William A. Davis.



One of the pictures on the DVD is from the first page
of the original journal of the Stoughton Musical Society
showing its date of organization as November 7, 1786:


Another picture is from
the Bicentennial Concert held two hundred years later on November 7, 1986:



Also included on the computer disc:

-- 200th Anniversary Commemorative Program in 1986 with letters of congratulation
from President Ronald Reagan, Gov. Michael S. Dukaksis, and Hon. Joseph Moakley,
plus pictures of the chorus and officers and other historical information.

--Ten Town Tunes: Music From Stoughton
with sheet music and 12 music examples from music performed in Stoughton
between 1980 and 1990.

















Bonus Audio

There are music selections by these Stoughton composers:

Supply Belcher:

Edward French:

Jacob French:
DORMANT (1802)

Samuel Capen:
THE DOVE (1805)

Edwin Arthur Jones:
Highlights from SONG OF OUR SAVIOUR (1881)

Roger Lee Hall:
PEACE (1981)

Bonus Videos

(Note: These were copied from original videotapes)



1. "Old Stoughton and The Grand Constitution" (1987)
Written and Directed by Roger Hall

Celebrating the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution and the Stoughton Musical Society (SMS) Constitution, both written in 1787. The SMS's Constitution is the oldest of any music organization in the USA.

The half-hour program was videotaped at the Stoughton Public Library on October 8, 1987. It includes readings from the U.S. Constitutions by students and town residents.

The highlight is a one-act play written and directed by Roger Hall titled, "The Grand Constitution." It features two actors portraying two original members of the Stoughton Musical Society: Elijah Dunbar (Wayne Olem) and Samuel Capen (Bert Anderson). Also a chorus from the Old Stoughton Musical Society. The songs performed include:

"The Grand Constitution (ballad, 1787)
"Beneath a weeping willow's shade" (Francis Hopkinson)
"The Federal March" (Alexander Reinagle)
"Chester" (William Billings)"
"Yankee Doodle" (1788)
"Ode to George Washington"

Here is an excerpt of the opening Preamble to this Constitution with Rules and Regulations,
first voted on October 8, 1787:

And as the powers of harmonious music are most admirably calculated to humanize the ferocious passions, to increase the various emotions of the mind, the different degrees of sensibility and all the feelings of the heart...We, therefore, esteem it our duty to study to promote that harmony which is pleasing to our Maker and so delightful to ourselves. Stimulated with these salutary and laudable motives, we, whose names are underwritten, form ourselves in a society by the name of the Stoughton Musical Society, for the implied purpose of practicing vocal music.


2. A Stoughton Musicfest: A Celebration of Local Composers and Musicians(1990)

This one hour documentary is about the history of singing in Stoughton, from the 1760s to the present day,
and a celebration of local composers and musicians.

Ths disc includes performances of several patriotic songs by a combined Stoughton Elementary School Chorus singing: "Yankee Doodle" and "Ode to President George Washington."

The highlight is a short play written by Roger Hall titled, "William Billings Teaches A Singing School."

These are the participants in this documentary:

Narrator: Marion Wroble from WBET Radio
Actor: Skip Mahoney (portraying William Billings)
Vocal Quartet: Elizabeth Trueblood, Carol Mezzanotte, Sally MacKerron, Roger Hall
Flute: Donna Hieken
Piano: Richard Hill
Elementary School Chorus, Carol Mezzanotte, Director
High School Instrumental Ensemble, Ronald Christianson, Director


This computer disc is a great resource for historical researchers, classroom teaching and singers!

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Singers from Stoughton participated in two
historic Peace Jubilees in 1869 and 1872 in Boston.
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