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World Premiere Recording
of a
majestic 19th century oratorio!


for Soloists, Chorus and Piano

Music by Edwin Arthur Jones


"one modest man who knows the power of music."
-- Edward Everett Hale












Premiere Performances of "Easter Concert"


1887 Premiere

"There have been concerts in this town which would, possibly, equal the concert Monday evening, but never in the history of the town was there gathered an audience on such an occasion as this. To celebrate such an event, listen to original music, the work of our own home composer, to hear it produced by our own ancient Society, and our own local orchestra, was, indeed, something of marked importance. The night was a beautiful one, and all seemed favorable to the success of the affair."

--The Stoughton Sentinel newspaper, April 16, 1887.

This newspaper story was on the front page with a large print picture of "Mr. Edwin A. Jones." The story describes the premiere of a majestic oratorio, then titled Easter Anthem, which was the largest work ever composed by Jones.

It was later retitled and published as Easter Concert (Op. 28), published in a piano-vocal score by White-Smith Music in Boston in 1890.

Jones was a friend of one of Boston's most respected musicians, B.J. Lang, who attended the first performance of the Jones oratorio in Stoughton on April 11, 1887. Lang spoke briefly at the intermission and called the oratorio "a beautiful and grand affair." He went on to say that he wished he could transport the whole chorus and orchestra of 150 members to his city twenty miles away, "to give the people of Boston an idea of what Stoughton could do!"

Easter Concert was modeled on Handel's Messiah and is in three parts, ending with a majestic fugal movement, "Great God of Nations!," for vocal quartet and chorus. Unfortunately, the orchestral parts are now lost and only the piano-vocal score survives.


Modern day performances

The first modern day performance of this Jones oratorio was performed on April 26, 1981 by the Old Stoughton Musical Society Soloists and Chorus, David Hanson, organist, Roger Hall, Conductor (Chorister). Excerpts from this first concert performance are included on the CD,
"Great God of Nations - E.A. Jones: His Life and Music -- AMRC 0008.

The 80 minute oratorio was performed again in 1984.

The May 6, 1984 performance featured these performers:

Marion Hollis and Linda Brookfield, sopranos
Nancy Davis and Ethel Wallace, altos
Michael Duarte, tenor
David Benjamin, bass

The Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus:

June Alfano, Linda Brookfield, Doris Emery, Lynn Feingold,
Marion Hollis, Whilma Jones, Elizabeth Maraglia, Geraldine Meadows,
Catherine Mootos, Gertrude Scheibel, Karen Seigenberg

Nancy Davis, Ursula Duganiero, Gail Hall, Nancy Ivaldi,
Elizabeth Lif, Polly Savicki, Myrtle Thompson, Ethel Wallace, Mildred Wilson

Kenneth Nlaisdell, Michael Duarte, Paul Dufresne, Edward Ivaldi,
Paul Larivee, Sally MacKerron, Richard Major,
Charles Snowdale, Howard Wallace

G. Carl Anderson, David Benjamin, Gordon Brookfield Jr, Roger Hall,
George Rolt, Robert Snowdale

Edward Wood, piano; Earl Eyrich, conductor.

The complete 1984 concert performance is now available on
a CD (AMRC 0030), produced by Roger Hall.

These are the sections of the oratorio -- click on the links to hear sample music:


1. Prelude: Edward Wood, piano

2. Recitative and Air: "Now is Christ risen" & "Rouse thee! O Zion! - David Benjamin

3. Soprano and Chorus: "Sing we to the Lord" - Marion Hollis

4. Soprano Recitative and Air and Quartet: "O Death, where is thy sting?" &
"Thanks be to God" - Linda Brookfield, Nancy Davis, Michael Duarte, David Benjamin

5. Chorus: "Lord God of Hosts! by all adored"


6. Prelude: Edward Wood

7. Choral: "Behold what matchless tender love" - Chorus

8. Quartet: "O Thou that hearest prayer" - Linda Brookfield, Nancy Davis,
Ethel Wallace, Michael Duarte

9. Recitative and Air: "He was oppressed" &
"Greater love hath no man" - Michael Duarte

10. Chorus: "We trust alone in Thee"

11. Quartet: "In heavenly love abiding" - Marion Hollis, Nancy Davis,
Michael Duarte, David Benjamin

12. Air: "Saviour like a shepherd lead us" - Nancy Davis

13. Chorus: "Now may He who from the dead"


14. Prelude: Edward Wood

15. Recitative and Air: "Mighty is Thine arm" & O Lord most high" - David Benjamin

16. Chorus: "The Lord is King! Let all rejoice"

17. Soprano Air & Quartet: "Praise the Lord" & "To Jesus, our exalted Lord" -
Linda Brookfield, soprano; Nancy Davis; Michael Duarte; David Benjamin

18. Chorus: "Hail! All Triumphant Lord!"

19. Recitative & Air: "And when all things shall be subdued" &
"Immortal honor, endless fame" - Michael Duarte

20. Finale Chorus & Vocal Quartet: "Great God of Nations! Mighty King!"

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World Premiere of a Cantata  


In 1881, E.A. Jones completed a dramatic cantata, Song of Our Saviour (Op. 16). It was his masterpiece and it is a work that deserves to be heard again.

Read about the World Premiere concert performance in 1992 of this majestic work and hear a few music samples from a new CD
(AMRC 0029)-- click here



See other recordings available from AMRC

click here




Stoughton's Two Musical Societies

Jones was a member of the two choral societies in town:

The (Old) Stoughton Musical Society
 --founded in 1786 and now the oldest choral society in the United States. Jones joined this society in 1871. For this musical society's Centennial in 1886, Jones was the lead violinist and director of the orchestra.

The Musical Society in Stoughton --founded in 1802 and Jones joined in 1881. This society was disbanded in 1982. Jones composed a special commemorative piece for the Musical Society in Stoughton in 1886. It was a fuging tune in the style of 18th century New England music, and he titled it: "Old Stoughton."



Praise From A Famous Boston Author

The distinguished writer and clergyman, Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909), wrote the following description of a Sunday concert:

For two hours an orchestra, such as he had seldom heard, rendered with dignity and feeling some of the best music of the noblest composers...more than fifty years ago the musical society of this village was gathered and incorporated. That has probably helped in building up the taste of this town. But in our generation one modest man who knows the power of music has organized this grand orchestra.

Nobody pays them, nobody pays him, except the good God. ..This man was the leader, whom you saw. If he had not been too modest, you would have heard one of his own compositions. I dare say you have heard them in New York or in Cincinnati. I wanted you to see this, so soon as you asked what was possible in a community of five hundred people.

He then explained what his fictional description was based on:

I have here attempted to describe the interesting musical service which is carried on in the town of Stoughton, in Norfolk County, in Massachusetts ...I have but described in this chapter, as well as I can, the service which the people of this town render regularly under the leadership of Mr. Edward [Edwin A.] Jones.

-- Edward E. Hale, Mr. Tangier's Vacations (Boston, 1888), pages 45-46.





Commemorative DVD

"How Beautiful Upon The Mountains"
Music By E. A. Jones (1853 - 1911)

A multi-media DVD has been produced by Jones biographer and musicologist, Roger Lee Hall, for the centennial anniversary of the death of Edwin Arthur Jones.

This DVD, playable on any computer, contains Word documents about the life and music of Jones and also these additional...

Bonus Features:


Music album 1: Song of Our Saviour (Dramatic Cantata)

The 1992 World Premiere performance of the complete cantata, Song of Our Saviour (1881) for soloists, chorus, orchestra and organ.
Soloists: Linda Brookfield, soprano; Donna Ames, alto; Michael Duarte, tenor; Mark Anderson, bass; Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus and Orchestra,
Richard Hill, organist; Raymond Fahrner, Conductor.

This recording is also available on a separate CD (AMRC 0029) -- click here.

Music album 2: Sacred and Chamber Music by E.A. Jones

Music from concerts (1980-1986):
--Prelude and Fugue in G minor for organ (1878) - Richard Hill, organist
--Praise Ye The Lord (Dartmouth College Glee Club Chorus,1874) -
Tenors and Basses of Old Stoughton Musical Society, Earl Eyrich, conductor
, highlights from World Premiere concert performance by soloists and chorus of the Old Stoughton Musical Society, David Hanson, organist, Roger Hall, conductor.
--The Farewell Waltzes (1874) - David Hagen, pianist.

Video program 1: Centennial Tribute to E.A. Jones

Cable television program hosted by Roger Hall in 1987 commemorating the centennial of several important works by Edwin Arthur Jones. The program includes interviews with Old Stoughton Musical Society Conductor, Earl Eyrich; Pianist, Richard Hill; and Stoughton Town Historian, Howard Hansen. Music excerpts from several concerts performed by the Old Stoughton Musical Society and from the String Quartet in G minor (1887), first performed at the home of Isabella Stewart Gardner in Boston in 1889.

Video program 2: 150th Birthday Party for E.A. Jones

Stoughton Historical Society, June 28, 2003:
Musicologist and E.A. Jones biographer, Roger Hall, speaks about the life of Edwin Arthur Jones and plays sample recordings of his music on the 150th anniversary year of his birth.



To receive this commemorative DVD about the music of E.A. Jones, plus audio and video bonus features playable on your computer, just donate to help support this preservation website, payable by credit card to PineTree Productions, through safe and secure PayPal.

To order this commemorative DVD with documents, two music albums, and two video programs,
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E.A. Jones Commemorative DVD











The information on this page was compiled from the following articles and books all of them by E.A. Jones biographer, Roger Lee Hall, who has studied his music for the past three decades:


  • E.A. Jones: His Life and Music (1984)

  • "Jones, Edwin Arthur" in The New Grove Dictionary of American Music, Volume Two (Macmillan Press,1986)

  • Music in Stoughton: A Brief Survey (1989)

  • DVD: OLD STOUGHTON - Singing Meetings and Concerts, 1762-1962

  • Singing Stoughton: Highlights from America's Oldest Choral Society (1985)

  • Ten Town Tunes - Music From Stoughton, 1770-1990. Stoughton: PineTree Music, 1998. Includes "Old Stoughton " chorus and "Farewell Waltz" by E.A. Jones.


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