American Popular Music Series



This is not one of those Top Ten or Top Forty surveys.

Instead, there are over 1,000 music titles listed in this series
which cover over two centuries of essential American music,
including songs, film scores and recordings,
some very familiar and others much less so.

To read the titles, click on these links:

100 Essential Songs of the 20th Century

National Carry A Tune Week Surveys
over 400 tunes chosen by online readers

50 Song Hits - 1963

50 Song Hits - 1962

50 Song Hits - 1961

50 Song Hits - 1960

50 Song Hits - 1959

50 Song Hits - 1958

50 Song Hits - 1957

50 Song Hits - 1956

Essential American Recordings Survey (200 recordings)

Essential Film Scores of the 20th Century (100 film scores)

Popular Songwriters and The Great American Songbook

American Song History Series (1759 - 1959)

Twenty Essential Movie Musicals

Top Ten Movie Song Favorites





Additional Links

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