CAMP Vocal Sampler

All titles recorded in higher audio quality (.WAV)

This Deluxe CD highlights over 300 years of music
from the Pilgrims Landing to World War I and
can be used in classroom teaching, for historical research,
or personal enjoyment.

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1. Of Plimoth Plantation (William Bradford, author)
2. Psalm 100 (1612)
3. Psalm 23 (1698)
4. 100 Psalm Tune New (Rev. John Tufts, 1720s)-first religious tune+
5. My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free (Francis Hopkinson,1759)
6. Father and I Went Down to Camp (Yankee Doodle, 1776)
7. Chester (William Billings, 1778 and 1786)+
8. The Grand Constitution (1787)+
9. Ode to President George Washington (Samuel Low,1789)+
10. Adams and Liberty (Thomas R.T. Paine, 1798)
11. Dormant (Jacob French, 1802)+
12. The Star Spangled Banner (Francis Scott Key, 1814)
13. My Country 'Tis Of Thee (Samuel F. Smith, 1831)
14. Simple Gifts (Elder Jospeph Brackett Jr.,1848)+
15. Dixie's Land (Daniel D. Emmett, 1859)
16. Lincoln and Liberty (1860)+

17. John Brown and Battle Hymn Of The Republic (1861-1862)+
18. The Bonnie Blue Flag (words: Harry McCarthy,1861)
19. Go Down, Moses (Spiritual, ca. 1862)
20. We Are Coming Father Abraam (Stephen C.Foster)1863)
21. Angel of Peace (Matthais Keller/words: O.W. Holmes, 1869)+
22. Easter Carol (Charles E. Ives, 1892)+
23. George M. Cohan medley (1906-18)
24. Song Of The Marching Men (Henry Hadley)+
25. Land Of Our Hearts (George W. Chadwick, 1918)

+ = First recording = 12

The performers include:

New England Conservatory Alumni Chorus
Old Stoughton Musical Society Chorus
Plymouth Church Choir
The Sky Pilot Gospel Choir
The University of Maryland Chapel Choir

The Yankee Tunesmiths


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